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Eurocentres Vancouver School & Facilities


As any language learner will tell you, studying in a comfortable environment is one of the keys to success. Our specially designed schools are just such a setting, both modern and stylish with an abundance of natural light. The Learning Centre, the lounge, the large classrooms, and the high-speed internet Computer Room are all spaces where our students can study, or relax with friends, at their own pace.

Student Lounge
The Student Lounge is a welcoming and comfortable area where students can make and spend time with friends, play a game of foosball (table soccer), surf the internet, or enjoy a snack or drink from one of the many vending machines.

Learning Centre
The Learning Centre is the perfect place for self-study. Choose from over 200 Eurocentres worksheets, and a wide variety of reference and resource books to supplement your studies. Plus, with the numerous CD-Rom's, DVD’s, computers, audio and video tapes, the Learning Centre provides all that you will need to improve your English skills and help you reach your goals outside of the classroom.

Computer Room
Eurocentres Vancouver offers students one of the highest student-to-computer ratios and the Computer Room is well equipped with high-speed internet access, desktop workstations, and laptop workstations where students can use their own computers. The Computer Room plays an integral role in the school in which students have several classes each week utilising the computers for study. Using computers to enhance your language learning allows you to study at your own pace and to focus on what you need personally to achieve success. Outside of class time, the computer room is open for students to do class assignments, research, or to communicate with friends and family back home. All of the computers have a variety of character fonts, allowing students to easily send and receive e-mail in their native languages.

Wireless Internet Access
Wireless internet access is freely available to all students. With a wireless compatible device (laptop, cell phone, etc), students can access the internet from anywhere in the school.

Large classrooms with comfortable desks & chairs and an abundance of natural light provide an ideal setting for learning.

Roof-Top Courtyard
Eurocentres Vancouver has a roof-top courtyard which is accessible to all students. It is a great place to soak in some sun, have lunch, or just relax with friends. From the courtyard you will have views of downtown Vancouver, the Coast Mountains, and Burrard Inlet.

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