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Teachers & Methodology

Our teachers have the highest academic standards. All of our teachers are accredited by Languages Canada and are experienced at teaching international students both in Canada and abroad. They are also trained on the Eurocentres Success System and participate in regular professional development seminars to ensure up-to-date, high quality teaching skills.

Varied and systematic teaching plans incorporate both the Eurocentres Curriculum and students’ learning needs to maximize student progress. Teachers use a comprehensive and detailed list of key language aims and learning outcomes for each level, and a variety of time-tested resources to provide structured, yet flexible lesson plans that combine with our Action Oriented Approach to provide students with the practice they need to fully acquire the language. Knowing a language (Language Resources) and knowing how to use a language (Language Use) are the key components to our teachers’ planning strategies, enabling them to target both fluency and accuracy and support students in achieving communicative self-expression. We use a Team Teaching structure to optimize learning experiences and maximize language acquisition.

Core textbooks, personalized materials and a wide range of resources are used to design these action-oriented classes that target the multiple skills needed to learn English. Consistent assessment and feedback is given to support students in achieving their goals.

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