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University & College Pathway Program in Canada

The Eurocentres Pathway Program is your springboard to entering a Canadian College or University. Our Comprehensive program prepares students for study at the post-secondary level and is customized to the needs of each individual learner. From the moment you book your course with us we offer you personalized and individual attention and provide you with a counsellor, all of which will ensure your success and provide you with the foundation and skills needed for a brighter future. All of our partner institutions recognize Eurocentres levels, eliminating the necessity of taking an entry exam such as IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL. 


English Language Studies

Our Pathway Program encompasses all the specific skills that Post-Secondary students should have at their disposal. Throughout your course you will learn how to master note-taking, summarize lectures, build research and presentation techniques and develop academic familiarity. In addition to academic skills, our classes offer the perfect balance of all basic English skills from covabulary and writing to speaking and reading. Our tried and tested system is highly-regarded, and upon successful completion of our Pathway Program you will gain seamless entrance to one of our partner Universities and Colleges. 


Conditional Letter of Acceptance

A conditional letter of acceptance from the partner post-secondary institution of your choice will be provided to you upon successful registration into our Pathway Program. 


Pathway Program Coordinator

We have a dedicated Pathway Coordinator on staff who acts as a support for pathway students and their overseas advisors by providing the necessary support and guidance through the enrollment process as well as helping students choose the Canadian university or college that is right for them. Once students commence the course, the Coordinator meets with them on a regular basis to check on progress, concern or questions and provides updates on the student's pathway institution. Your Pathway Coordinator also acts as a liaison between students and their agents and our partner institutions ensuring that the students are well prepared for post secondary studies at the end of their English courses. With training and a through knowledge of our partner institutions' programs and requirements, our Pathway Coordinator ensures all details are taken care of and information is disseminated accurately and efficiently. 

University and College tours, presentations and visits are coordinated by your Eurocentres Pathway Coordinator during the English Studies component of the program. 


Connected with your Pathway Institution

At Eurocentres, we want to ensure that you become comfortably familiar with the programs and policies of your college or university. Your Pathways Coordinator will keep you feeling confident and in control by connecting you with your college or university from the onset of your English studies through information or orientation sessions, which could include campus tours and presentations by visiting representatives. 


Work Opportunities in Canada

While studying at one of our pathway program partner schools, you will be able to work on or off campus for up to 20 hours per week during academic session and full-time during scheduled breaks. Upon graduation, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable Canadian work experience through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. This program allows you to work in Canada for up to a maximum of 3 years based on the official length of your program. 




Our Pathway Program Partners

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