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Homestay Program

Eurocentres Canada’s outstanding Homestay program invites students to live with excellent Canadian families. Each student will have his/her own room in a home approved by Eurocentres Canada staff. Students will have the option of selecting full-board (3 meals per day) or half-board (breakfast and dinner only). We maintain an English-only environment by placing only one student from each language background per home. All of the Eurocentres Canada host families have been carefully selected and counselled on welcoming international students into their families. Eurocentres Canada has a vast database of approved host families and takes careful steps to match each student with the most suitable family. We control the quality of homestay through regular evaluations and assessments. Our Accommodations program is handled in-house by school staff members - no outside agencies are used. As such, we have complete control over the quality and monitoring of these programs. The benefit of this to the student is that they can be assured of the quality of these programs and that any problems can be discussed directly with a school staff member and resolved quickly.

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